Beginnings Blog #2

“Change is hard at first, Messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”  – Robin Sharma

Stepping out of our comfort zone and starting a new path can be intimidating, especially if you are diving into the unknown. We often get discouraged to follow our dreams because of certain risks we have to take. But if I told you your life would end soon would you do it? You’d be all for it, right!?The only problem with that is, we wait until its too late to follow our dreams. Why wait until its too late? Everyday is a new day to make something happen. To be an impact in someone’s life’s. An impact in YOUR life! The universe has a magical way of guiding us towards our paths if we pay attention to the signs.  So let’s jump into the unknown. Do what you’ve always dreamed about! We only have this one life. We should make the most of it!



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